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Dr. Walter Metz

Dr. Walter Metz is Professor of Cinema & Photography, and a WSIU film critic.  You and he can jump into the many worlds of cinema and television too…with a side order of philosophy or Dr. Seuss!  View Profile

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Dr. Kavita Karan

Meet Dr. Kavita Karan, a Professor in the School of Journalism and an advertising critic. She will guide you on a fascinating journey through the ad images that saturate our daily lives.  View Profile

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Dr. Aaron Veenstra

Dr. Aaron Veenstra is an Assistant Professor in the School of Journalism and  a social media investigator.  Discover the intriguing world of social media relations!  View Proflile

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Graduate Studies

From isolated villages to urban centers throughout the world, powerful changes in media and communication are sweeping the globe.  There is unparalleled access to a variety of platforms and new media resources that deliver images and information to an increasingly global society.  Here you find a diverse community of award-winning scholars and media makers aiming to influence the way people work, play, create and communicate with each other in this constantly evolving media landscape.

Fall 2016 Applications for all MCMA Graduate Programs open November 15, 2015 and close February 15, 2016. We only accept appliations for Spring semesters in the MS program.  

We accept applications year round for the MS Program but they must be received at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student wishes to enroll.  For example, for admission to Spring 2016 semester, we must receive the MS application on or before November 30, 2015 (one month prior to Spring semester which begins January 1, 2016).  Note that the semester is reflected as January 1-May 15, 2016 and not the date the classes actually begin.

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Watch our graduate faculty answer questions about the media industry, transmedia, media production, and social media!

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MA Media Theory & Research

This Master of Arts program offers a solid foundation in media research, methods, and theory in preparing students for a variety of interests, including research positions in media organizations, opinion research, commentary, teaching and doctoral studies.

MFA Media Arts

Your artistic and intellectual development is emphasized while producing work in photography, film, video, sound and new media. In the Master of Fine Arts program you will learn from a faculty that shares your passion for creativity and cares about your goals.

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MS Professional Media & Media Management

This Master of Science program provides an academic experience that takes students as far as they want to go, training graduates to become leaders in careers in mass media specializing in Media Management/ Advertising, Journalism, New Media, or Digital Documentary.

Doctoral Program

Be involved in the interdisciplinary study of global media with a faculty of nationally and internationally accomplished faculty of intellectual scholars and media producers.  The program’s focus is producing outstanding scholars and teachers who make significant contributions to understanding mass media.