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Our College Advisement Team is ready to help you find your courses, apply for scholarships and reach all your goals.

Each Department has an on-site advisor to assist their majors.

Photo of Carol Westerman Jones, Cinema & Photography Advisor

In the Department of Cinema and Photography, Carol Westerman-Jones advises students who choose to study Cinema Production or Studies and Fine Arts or Applied Photography.

Phone: 618-453-4164
Office: Comm Bldg-C Room 1101

photo of Jean Kelley, Advisor in Radio-Television

The Department of Radio-Television's advisor is Jean Kelley, who assists students who wish to work in one of that department's specializations, including Radio or Television Production, Animation, Sports Media or Broadcast Journalism.

Phone: 618-453-6902
Office: Comm Bldg-C Room 1048

Photo of Jack Young, School of Journalism advisor

 Jack Young is the advisor for the School of Journalism, helping students who wish to learn Advertising, New Media or Print Journalism specializations, or Photojournalism.

Phone: 618-453-3280
Office: Comm Bldg-C Room 1210A

photo of Jennie Gambach

Jennie Gambach is the Recruitment, Retention, and Internship Coordinator for  students across all departments in the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts.

Phone:  618-453-7713
Office:  Comm Bldg Room 1014A