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Kellogg Hall

Living Learning Community

Photograph of Kellogg Hall, on Campus LakeOur living learning community, Kellogg Hall at Thompson Point, is one of three residence halls now dedicated to students who study in the same College.  Kellogg provides a dedicated residence hall for MCMA majors from Cinema and Photography, Radio-Television, and the School of Journalism, to live in a group setting. This common living space promotes camaraderie and a mutually supportive living environment.

Kellogg Hall has its own computer lab in the basement, and its close proximity to the Communications Building allows students easy access to computer labs in the building, like the New Media Center, and other learning resources. Living with classmates also makes it easier to complete the many class projects that involve teamwork.

Kellogg Hall hosts numerous activities for MCMA students during the academic year. Clare Mitchell, MCMA Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, organizes speaker events, dinners, film screenings, and discussions along with the help of faculty like Bill Recktenwald, from the School of Journalism, Jay Needham and Todd Herreman from Radio-Television, and Antonio Martinez, of Cinema and Photography.

Recktenwald, a Pulitzer price lecturer in the School of Journalism, acts as liaison between students and faculty, and is a frequent visitor to Kellogg Hall.

Each August, faculty and staff from MCMA help students kick off the new school year by helping them move into their rooms.  When Halloween arrives, faculty and staff help judge the hall’s Halloween decorating contest, and during finals week, they provide food for students engaged in lengthy study sessions.

For more information about Kellogg Hall please contact the MCMA Dean's Office at 618-453-4308.