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You have reached the web home of one of the best programs in cinema and photography in the nation. We specialize in the fully integrated teaching of history/theory/criticism and hands-on professional craft skills related to analog and digital media image making. We inspire creativity by enthusiastically providing a foundation for professional fine arts and education careers in digital and analog cinema and photography, animation, and new media. Here you can explore the history, theory, practice and implications of cinema, photography, animation, and digital media from faculty whose expertise lies in bridging the gap between an academic study of cinema and photography and practicing the craft of media making.

The dedication and fire you have for creativity has no boundaries as you can choose an emphasis in several fields, including fine arts photography, commercial photography, cinema studies, screenwriting, and documentary, experimental, narrative, animation, and new media. As is appropriate for undergraduate students, we encourage you to explore as wide a range of studies in image making as you can; we have assembled a faculty whose various expertise spreads from the study of, to the production of, cinema, photography, animation, and new media.

As part of the Big Muddy Film Festival, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in all levels of a professional film festival, including interacting intensely with filmmakers from around the world.