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Department of Cinema and Photography

We offer an interdisciplinary media arts education that leaps off the still and moving image to engage fully with contemporary arts and media practices. We believe in a rigorous education whose goal is to produce critically aware, historically grounded, globally conscious, and skilled media makers who are unafraid of independent thinking and new media technologies, and seek to make meaningful and powerful interventions in the world.  

Why Now?

This is an exciting time to explore the still and moving image as a springboard to developing your expressive voice, creative vision, and a way to make a difference in the world we live in. The aesthetic, social, political, and economic importance of the photographic image and the cinematic experience in our lives is undeniable. It traverses billboards, television sets, computer screens, printed pages, and mobile phones; arts practices that cross theater, performance and sound; and industries and profesisons, that include media, arts, community development, advertising, and marketing.  Our faculty and students work in still photography, film, video, computational arts, animation, screenwriting, performance, and installation.

C&P Happenings

Professor Dan Overturf's intensive summer class on Landscape Photography is featured in the Southern Illinoisan.

Coming in Fall 2017:  September 29-30th 2017, we will be back at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Chicago with the second addition of the Big Muddy Tributaries. There will be an alum screening; screenings from the Big Muddy; workshops for High School Students; and a reunion.  All this, as we gear up to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Big Muddy Film Festival in Feb-March 2018.  

Dr. Walter Metz mentors Kennedy Joseph & Davey Peppers in developing film reviews that are braodcast over WSIU.  Listen to freshman Davey Peppers'  review of Logan (James Mangold, 2017) 

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