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Cinema Specialization

The Cinema specialization results in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema and Photography. Required coursework includes media studies and media production. Our cinema studies curriculum takes a liberal arts approach in studying cinema history, criticism, and theory. You will be prepared for advanced academic work, in addition to media careers in film criticism, film programming for museums, festivals and universities, and the expanding film distribution arena. In your production coursework, you will learn about digital production, High Definition video production, 16mm filmmaking, both cel and digital animation, advanced sound production, and screenwriting. You will work both independently and in groups on your productions in areas including documentary, experimental, narrative and animated film. The program provides paths for careers as filmmakers for a variety of venues. The department provides a wide array of production opportunities based on your own interests.

Curricular Guide for the Cinema Specialization (PDF)

Or, How About A Minor In Cinema?

Do you enjoy critically analyzing films & other forms of visual media?

If so, you will love our minor in Visual and Screen Cultures.

Student Voices: Cinema

"My professors have taught me how to be literate in a world commanded by media. I am capable of digesting the content that 'the media' provides and creating my own work from it."

- James Throgmorton, Senior, Cinema