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Big Muddy Tributaries 2016

Icon of Tributaries

Thanks to the enthusiasm, labor, and leadership of MCMA alum Scott Moller (BA, 1985, Journaiism), the first Big Muddy Tributaries opened at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Chicago in the Spring of 2016.  The logo was designed by SIUC student Francesca Perticarini.  The two day event incuded workshops for area High School students by C&P faculty, exhibition of C&P student work, an alum reunion, and screenings of two recent alum work, and screenings from the Big Muddy.  Check out the program here

Scott Moller and John Scott

From left to right:  Scott Moller, Sarah Mitchell (BA, 2016), and John Scott (BA, 2006)

John Scott and Jyotsna Kapur

John Scott discussing Maggie with Jyotsna Kapur