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The modern media landscape is constantly evolving and our School of Journalism is the perfect place to get started in an exciting media career. The School is one of 111 accredited journalism programs in the United States, and one of five in Illinois. Our primary duty is to ensure students adequately learn how to report and communicate news, shoot photos, create ads, produce video and audio, with all forms of new media technology, and publish them on all platforms.

The School of Journalism's retention and graduation rates are impressive and reflect the dedication and commitment of our administration, faculty and staff.  

Our intensive student mentoring system provides real-world experience and skills students require to compete for jobs, internships or proceed to graduate programs. SOJ student-run Daily Egyptian newspaper celebrated 100 years of production in 2016. It has turned out some of the nation’s top journalists, landing jobs and internships at the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Seattle Times and the Star-Ledger (New Jersey). Students cover events in southern Illinois including speakers and events, Saluki sports and local entertainment.

Students also enjoy living at Kellogg Hall, a dedicated residence facility for Mass Communication and Media Arts students. Students collaborate with people with similar interests and build lifelong relationships. The hall allows MCMA majors to live in a group setting that benefits students both personally and academically.

If you are interested in beginning an exciting career in journalism, photojournalism, advertising, web site development or sports media, and taking advantage of our online courses, contact us.