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Rewarding careers

The way information moves from one place to another is rapidly evolving and the School of Journalism at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a good place to get in on the ground floor.  Our students learn how to use new technology to communicate news, photos, ads, sports, video and audio on all the new platforms that are constantly changing the face of media.

The School of Journalism is one of 111 accredited journalism programs in the United States and one of only five in Illinois.

Accreditation is like a Good Housekeeping Seal of approval.  It ensures that journalism schools are well-governed, diverse, public-service oriented, offer small classes and assess student achievement. 

The School of Journalism's retention and graduation rates are impressive and reflect the dedication and commitment of the School of Journalism's administration, faculty and staff.  

If you are interested in beginning an exciting career in journalism, photojournalism, advertising, web site development or sports media, contact us and together, we'll make it happen.

SoJ students produce websites, a newspaper and a magazine, all filled with examples from every academic specialization. 

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We are dedicated to providing our diverse student community with state-of-the art educational resources to foster critical thinking, research skills, and hands-on production experience.

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Academic coursework lays the foundation for all that you can do through involvement in the Daily Egyptian and numerous other media/art organizations staffed and managed by SoJ students.

You will build a portfolio of work and accomplishments during your college career at SIUC.

Our students have a unique opportunity to participate in worthwhile internship programs to gain the experience necessary to impress prospective employers and land the first post-graduation job.

Kellogg Hall is a dedicated residence facility for Mass Communication and Media Arts students that allows MCMA majors to live in a group setting that benefits students both personally and academically.

SoJ holds a week-long Journalism Summer Camp for high school students interested in discovering more about reporting, new media, photojournalism, graphic design and broadcast news.   

Each year, SoJ graduates begin successful professional careers as news reporters, editors, photojournalists, advertising managers and new media producers throughout the country and across the world. See what the SIU School of Journalism has to offer.