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Imagining Geographies

                                                                                                        Photo: Daniel Overturf


March 30, 4:00 - 5:30 p.m: ON SEXUAL ASSAULT in the MILITARY. Comm Building, Room 1032.   

Screening selected portions of The Invisible War (2012) followed by panel & open discussions.

APRIL 3, 4:00 -6:00 pm: INDEPENDENT LIVING. Civic Soul Recording Session. Comm Bulding, Studio A.



Imagining Geographies is a College of Mass Communication & Media Arts led, university and region-wide civic initiative dedicated to advancing research, discussion, and multiple forms of artistic expression related to space, place, culture, identity, and related themes.

Domains IG Activity:  

  • Civic Soul broadcasts and Sharing Knowledge publications
  • Experiencing Environs
  • Sustainability & Environmental Science, Policy, & Communication
  • Southern Illinois Arts
  • Voices of Southern Illinois


Imagining Geographies started in Spring 2012 with a rich program that explored a wide range of topics and issues related to the continent of Antarctica. Since Spring 2013, and for the foreseeable future, Imagining Geographies is advancing a series of regional projects entitled Land, Lives, and Arts of Southern Illinois.



2012 Antarctica

2013 Land, Lives, and Arts of Southern Illinois

2014 Land, Lives, and Arts of Southern Illinois: Focus on environmental justice & community rights.

2015 Land, Lives, and Arts of Southern Illinois: Civic Soul - a policy-centered, multi-platform media initative- (in production 2014-15, roll-out expected in fall 2015); Research, programming, & media efforts - Soldiers Among Us, Southern Illinois Disaster Risk Reduction Coalition; Sparrow Coalition on Homelessness.


University-wide: Office of the President - Office of the Chancellor - Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research - Daily EgyptianGraduate & Professional Student Council Morris Library - Sustainability Council & Green Fund; Student Organizations - Assn of Black Psychologists, National Assn Black Journalists, RealTalk.

Colleges & Departments:

EDUCATION & HUMAN SERVICES: Recreation & Health Education.

LIBERAL ARTS: Communication Studies, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Theater.

MASS COMMUNICATION & MEDIA ARTS: Cinema & Photography, School of Journalism, Radio, Television & Digital Media, WSIU Radio & TV, Big Muddy Film Festival, Civic Communication Collective, Daily Egyptian, Global Media Research Center.


SCIENCE: Center for Ecology, Environmental Resources & Policy Program, Geology, IGERT Doctoral Program, Physics, Zoology Graduate Student Association.


ACLU, Carbondale ~ Anna Arts Center ~ Boys & Girls Club Carbondale ~ Carbondale Community Arts ~ Carbondale Public Library ~ Carbondale Times ~ Cristaudo’s Bakery & Café, Carbondale ~ Concerned Citizens of Carbondale ~ Eurma Hayes Community Center, Carbondale ~ GAIA House, Carbondale ~ Harrisburg Public Library ~ Healthy Southern Illinois Delta Network ~ Human Relations Commission, City of Carbondale ~ Inter-faith Council Carbondale ~ Keep Carbondale Beautiful ~ LaUnica Mexican Bakery, Carbondale ~ League of Women Voters ~ Longbranch Café & Bakery, Carbondale ~ Marion Public Library ~ NAACP, Carbondale ~ Nonviolent Carbondale Coalition ~ Racial Justice Coalition, Carbondale ~ Ralph Anderson Inter-faith Dialogues ~ River 2 River Arts Association, Union Co. ~ Shawnee High School, Wolf Lake ~ Social Action Committee, Carbondale Unitarian Fellowship ~ Southern Illinois Peace Coalition ~ SPARC: Shawnee Preparedness & Response Coalition ~ Sparrow Coalition, Carbondale ~ Sustainability Commission, City of Carbondale ~ The Southern Illinosian ~ WDBX, Carbondale.


Laurie Achenbach (Dean, College of Science; faculty, Microbiology), Craig Anz (Architecture), Roberto Barrios (Anthropology), Karla Berry (Director, Center for Teaching Excellence; faculty, Radio, TV & Digital Media), Marie Bukowski (Director, School of Art & Design), Jennida Chase (Cinema & Photography), Jessica Crowe (Sociology), Tracy Fidler (Shawnee Resource Conservation & Development), Jonathan Gray (Communication Studies), Sarah Heyer (Director, Keep Carbondale Beautiful), Scott Ishman (Assoc. Dean, College of Science; faculty, Geology), Gary Kolb (President, Carbondale Community Arts; faculty [Emeritus], Cinema & Photography), Jay Needham (Director, Global Media Research Center; faculty, Radio, Television, & Digital Media), Justin Schoof (Chair & faculty, Geography), Silvia Secchi (Co-Director, Environmental Resources & Policy; faculty, Geography, Virginia Tilley (Chair and faculty, Political Science), Sustainability Council representative.

Ex Officio members: Jim Allen (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs; faculty, History); Jim Garvey (Interim Vice-Chancellor for Research; faculty, Zoology); Dafna Lemish (Dean, College of Mass Communications & Media Arts; faculty, Radio, Television, & Digital Media).