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Digital Media Arts and Animation

In Digital Media Arts and Animation, students choose courses centered on digital art creation, creative storytelling, and computer animation. Digital media artists and animators write, design, and create computer animation, digital audio, and video for delivery across an array of media platforms. Through digital methods and innovative forms, students in the Digital Media Arts and Animation specialization are able to creatively explore and critically comment on the arts, content, media theories, and technologies that are shaping the future of media.

Digital Media Arts and Animation

  •  Required writing course
    • RTD 383: Writing for Media Arts
  • Select three of the following courses from below:
    • RTD 331: Digital Graphic Foundations
    • RTD 361: Sound Mix in Popular Culture
    • RTD 363: Radio/Audio Production
    • RTD 461: Multimedia Production
    • RTD 487: 3D Animation I
    • RTD 488: 3D Animation II
    • RTD 490: 3D Animation III
    • CP 454: Animated Productions
    • CP 470a: History of Animation
    • CP 472: Experimental Animation