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Electronic Journalism | RTD | SIU

Electronic Journalism

Classes are taught by industry professionals who incorporate history, ethics, legal issues and in depth reporting into the wide-ranging curriculum. Students report, shoot, and edit their own stories using the latest equipment and software programs. Most students in Electronic Journalism work as “one man band” reporters. They produce a live half hour newscast on our PBS station, including weather and sports. Students also produce in depth and investigative reports which air on the news show. Stories also run on our online site, which students also produce. Many students take advantage of the department's excellent internship programs.

Required courses:

  • RTD 310 (3 hours) – News Writing for Electronic Media
  • RTD 311 (3 hours) – Audio Journalism for Electronic Media (preq. RTD 310)
  • RTD 370 (3 hours) – Television News Reporting 
  • RTD 470 (3 hours) – TV News Field Prod.(preq. RTD 370)
  • RTD 477 (3 hours) - Investigative Reporting for TV, Radio, & Online