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About the College

We are home to the Department of Radio, Television, and Digital Media, Department of Cinema & Photography, and the School of Journalism. The College’s service unit, WSIU Public Broadcasting, operates National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) units. 

This is a college where much is expected, but the rewards can be great. Each department has a long history of award-winning students who later earn accolades in their professional lives. Our diverse faculty provides the opportunity to visualize success with a variety of hands-on learning opportunities with guidance and expertise in bridging the gap between what you learn in a classroom and what you accomplish with numerous experiential opportunities.

Our alumni include reporters and correspondents Jackie Spinner and Jim Bittermann; film directors Steven James, Fred Marks, Milcho Manchevski, and Robert Weiss, production director Liz Ralston; writers John Behnke, Rob
Humphrey and Jim Peterson; photographers Paul Elledge and Steve Nozicka, and photojournalists Rich Saal and Susan Pogue.