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Vision and Mission

 MCMA Mission Statement

The faculty and students of the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts study how media technologies tell stories, entertain mass audiences, and educate citizens of the world. We study media's strengths and abuses. We teach students how to be responsible  and creative in their media making. We cultivate an appreciation of the media's special role for citizens and professional media makers working across a spectrum of cultures and political systems. We nurture a universal desire for free expression. 

The faculty and students of MCMA:

  • Make state-of-the art moving images.
  • Host the longest-running student-run film festival in the United States.
  • Report on and photograph stories that serve the public interest.  
  • Photograph the lives of communities. 
  • Create persuasive messages for commercial and educational purposes. 
  • Dedicate themselves to the fusion of theory and practice in the study and production of mass media.
  • Educate the next generation of media scholars and practitioners who will carry forward our values of holistic education and global awareness.
  • Teach and practice critical thinking about the central roles of mass media in a global democracy.
  • Publish and broadcast award-winning student media including a newspaper, a TV news shows, and an alternative news program. 
  • Broadcast public radio and television content from NPR and PBS as well as locally originated programming, knitting together the University and our surrounding communities. 
  • Study the impact of media on children, citizens, consumers, governments and society.
  • Promote media content that is ethical, responsible, contextual, and respectful of diversity of background and belief.
  • Open the doors of learning and success to first-generation college students, veterans, international students, and a great variety of otherwise multitalented students.
  • Serve as a home for students and faculty who seek to study and make interdisciplinary cutting-edge mass media work, all under one welcoming roof.