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Our College Advisement Team is ready to help you find your courses, apply for scholarships and reach all your goals. Meet your advising team!

 photo of Jean Kelley, Advisor in Radio-Television

Jean Rendleman Miner

Phone: 618-453-6902
Office: Comm Bldg-C Room 1048

  • Department of Cinema and Photography majors
    • Cinema
    • Media Arts
  • Department of Radio, Television, and Digital Media majors
    • Audio/Radio Production
    • Television/Video Production
    • Digital Media Arts & Animation
    • Electronic (Broadcast) Journalism
    • Media Industries
    • Electronic Sports Media
  • School of Journalism majors
    • Advertising
    • News-Editorial
    • Photojournalism
    • Sports Media
    • Journalism and Mass Communications Online

  Photo of Carol Westerman Jones, Cinema & Photography Advisor

Carol Westerman-Jones

Phone: 618-453-4313
Office: Allyn Bldg-C Room 103

  • Department of Cinema and Photography
    • Photography
  • Also advises for the School of Art & Design in the College of Liberal Arts