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In the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts (MCMA), we support students as they become media artists, critical thinkers, and members of the global community. We are committed to educating students across media platforms in both the foundational theories of their disciplines and the hands-on application of their fields. Whether you want to be a screenwriter, film director, audio engineer, animator, film critic, sports reporter, or photojournalist, the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to pursue these careers (and many, many others). International media scholars, industry professionals, and dedicated support staff make it their priority to provide support both in and out of the classroom to ensure students excel at SIU and beyond. 

The College of Mass Communication and Media Arts offers degrees in three academic departments: Cinema and Photography; Journalism; and Radio, Television, and Digital Media. Check them out below to learn about class offerings, professors, and how to get involved.

Department of Cinema and Photography

School of Journalism

Department of Radio, Television, and Digital Media

Whether it's winning Emmy Awards, National College Television Awards, Illinois College Press Association Awards, writing for the Daily Egyptian, or delivering ESPN3 broadcasts, our students stay busy. They regularly participate in internships and externships around the country in major media hubs, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville, with the assistance of the College's internship office. The College of Mass Communication and Media Arts is also home to WSIU Public Broadcasting, the region's PBS and NPR affiliate, and they provide a number of paid and unpaid opportunities for students to get involved. Additionally, more than 20 media-focused student involvement groups and RSOs provide students with a chance to practice their craft, engage in meaningful discussions about media, and share research.

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