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The major in cinema and photography is focused on the history, theory, and practice of the still and moving image within the broader framework of contemprary arts practices, evolving technologies, and a media arts education that is grounded in the arts and the humanities.  The course of study favors the integration of theory and practice and emphasizes experimentation and exploration across cinema, photography, and their varied extensions in analog, digital, computational and live arts practices, e.g., installation, performance, and teh creation of immersive environments. It prepares students for careers in fine arts, commercial, professional, and educational settings; to explore the social, cultural, and political implications of media arts and culture; and, to engage with contemporary media arts practices.

The major has three specializations:

Beginning with a set of foundational courses that integrate theory and practice in an interdisciplinary introduction to media arts, students may select from intermediate and advanced courses to specialize in cinema, photography or media arts.