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Cinema Specialization

The Cinema specialization results in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema and Photography.  We combine critical thinking with hands on experience to explore cinema as an art form and a powerful presence in contemporary life. Our courses cross over old and new media; forms such as experimental, documentary, and narrative; and encourage creativity, flexibility, and passion for independent thinking.  Coursework includes digital video, 16mm filmmaking, both cel and digital animation, screenwriting, lighting, cinematography, experimental cinematic processes, and inter-media exploration of cinema on the web, in installation and performance.  Students work both independently and collaboratively.  Our alum pursue multiple paths as filmmakers in media arts and industries; careers in creative industries, including programming for museums and festivals; as well as go into advanced academic work.  

Curricular Guide for the Cinema Specialization (PDF)

Or, How About A Minor In Cinema?

Do you enjoy critically analyzing films & other forms of visual media?

If so, you will love our minor in Visual and Screen Cultures.

Student Voices: Cinema

"My professors have taught me how to be literate in a world commanded by media. I am capable of digesting the content that 'the media' provides and creating my own work from it."

- James Throgmorton, Senior, Cinema