Photography Specialization

Southern Illinois University



College of Arts and Media


The Photography Specialization results in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema and Photography. Required coursework includes study of fine art and commercial photography. Fine art photography instruction encourages you to realize your own personal vision. Study topics include digital imaging, large format photography, and advanced color photography. The courses all allow for experimental digital and wet chemistry darkroom techniques. There are opportunities for individual artistic expression through studio workshops and advanced courses. Commercial photography courses offer the chance to learn professional skills in areas including large format photography and digital imaging. The program explores advertising, illustration and publication/editorial photography.

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Curricular Guide for the Photography Specialization (PDF)

Or, How About A Minor In Photography?

Are you a creative student who enjoys taking photographs?

If so, you will love our minor in Photography.

Student Voices: Photography

"What I value most out of my media education here at Southern, is the knowledge of my professors. I also love how you can get other majors' point of view on a media subject. A photograph will say something different to a photography major compared to a cinema major or a radio television major."

- Mollie Burkiewicz, Photography Major