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Cinema and Photography Emeritus

Lilly Boruszkowski

Emeritus Facutly - Cinema and Photography

Lilly Boruszkowski

M.F.A. at Northwestern University, 1980
Email: lborus@siu.edu

Lilly Boruszkowski retired in May, 2012. During her years in the Department, she taught film production, documentary production, and advanced editing during her years here. She is currently working on a documentary about mother daughter pairs who have had breast cancer. Her recent film ...read full profile >>

Loren Cocking

Emeritus Faculty - Cinema and Phogography

In 1962 Loren Cocking began his employment at SIU as a filmmaker with SIU Film Production, an in-house motion picture production service.  After that unit was closed, he was hired to teach in SIU's Department of Cinema and Photography.  He taught filmmaking ...read full profile >>

Mike Covell

Emeritus Faculty, Cinema and Photography

Image of Mike Covell

M.F.A., Ohio University

Email:  emike@siu.edu

Mike began teaching at SIU Department of Cinema and Photography in 1975, he retired in 2007. He taught Film Production 1, 2, and 3, Optical Printing, Summer Film Workshop, History of Documentary Film, History of Experimental Film and Film Authors. He founded the Big Muddy Film Festival in 1978. He ...read full profile >>

David Gilmore

Emeritus Faculty - Cinema and Photography

David came to SIUC in 1969 to teach fine art photography, having received a BA in Philosophy and an MFA in Photography from Ohio University. Before teaching, he worked as a corporate photographer for Armco Steel for 5 years..  He served as Chair of the Department from 1984 to 1991, ...read full profile >>

Gary Kolb

Emeritus Facutly - Cinema and Photography

Gary Kolb

M.F.A. at Ohio University, 1977
Email: gkolb@siu.edu

Gary Kolb came to SIU in 1979. During his time here, he was a faculty member, Chair of the Department of Cinema and Photography, Associate Dean of the College and the Dean of the College 2008-2012. Dean Kolb retired in July 2012. Interests Photography and Digital Arts

Jan Roddy

Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies - Cinema and Photography

Jan Roddy

M.F.A. at University of Illinois, 1987
Email: jroddy@siu.edu
Office: COMM 1005C
Phone: (618) 453-5794

Jan Roddy is an associate professor in the Department of Cinema and Photography. She currently serves as Associate Dean for Graduate Studies for the College. Courses CP 324 - Photo III/Digital Imaging Interests Photo/digital production, media arts, image and word, art and politics, art and spirituality, race, class, gender and sexuality issues in media, rural U.S. and Ozark culture.