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College of Mass Communication and Media Arts

Antonio Martinez M.F.A

Associate Professor - Cinema and Photography

Antonio Martinez

M.F.A., East Carolina University, 2005
B.F.A., Creighton University, 2000
Office: COMM 1111


Antonio Martinez is continuing his photographic and video art project centered around the local mixed martial arts culture of southern Illinois. Martinez has been photographing and training with local MMA athletes in hopes to understand why men and women between the ages of 18-45 participate in a high- physical contact sporting competitions (aka Cagefights). On September 19th, Martinez will participate in an MMA competition in a local casino hotel to experience both the ritual and spectacle of organized sports entertainment. Aside from his MMA investigations and pursuits, Martinez is exhibiting his experimental video art project, Near the Egress, in several national and international film and video festivals such as the PDX Film Festival in Portland, Tenderpix Experimental and SoHo Shorts in London, and Optica- Festival Internacional de Videoarte in Barcelona. Near the Egress is an stop-motion video comprised entirely with modern dryplate tintypes of the circus. Martinez will be presenting his Near the Egress project in a group panel at SECAC 2009 in Mobile, Alabama and exhibiting the completed project in a group exhibition in Chicago of February 2010.


  • CP322 - Introduction to Color Photography
  • MCMA557 - MFA Studio Arts Practice
  • MCMA558 - MFA Studio Critique
  • CP 498 - Senior Portfolio (Spring 2006)
  • CP 421 - Experimental Photographic Processes


Digital imaging, alternative printing processes, multimedia installation, class and racial identity.