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College of Mass Communication and Media Arts

Daniel Overturf M.F.A

Professor - Cinema and Photography

Daniel Overturf

M.F.A at Southern Illinois University
of Carbondale, 1983
Email: dvo0201@siu.edu
Office: COMM 0004


A Cinema and Photography faculty member since 1990, Overturf specializes in a wide range of photographic topics including documentary, commercial, Sensitometry, and studio fiction. Recent Cinema and Photography courses have included analog, small town documentary, applied and narrative tableaux.

Overturf co-authored a texbook in 2009, Artificial Lighting for Photography, with Joy McKenzie. In 2008 he co-authored a documentary book entitled A River Through Illinois, with writer Gary Marx.


  • CP 332 - Photography III (analog)
  • CP 404 - Studio Lighting
  • CP 431 - Applied Photography I
  • CP 432 - Applied Photography II
  • CP 470C - Small Town Documentary
  • CP 470C - Large Format
  • CP 470C - Environmental Portrait
  • CP 470C - Advanced Analog (Sensitometry)
  • CP 498 - Senior Portfolio