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R. William Rowley M.F.A

Associate Professor - Cinema and Photography

R. William Rowley

M.F.A., University of Iowa, 1974
Email: rwrowley@siu.edu

Associate Professor R. William Rowley has a background in experimental filmmaking & observational documentary.  He is currently pursuing a long-term ongoing project under the working title Time & Narrative in the Discourse of Landscape Imagery. In April 2009, he received a Faculty Seed Grant from SIU in support of this project. He has been paying attention to sites where the narrative traces of our interactions with, in, & on the landscape converge, intersect, &/or run parallel, producing both large format still photo landscape images & 5-minute HD video landscape images with sound.



  • CP276 Film Production, an intermediate production course
  • CP450 Narrative Film Production, an advanced production course
  • CP452 Screenwriting, an introduction to feature-length scriptwriting
  • CP454 Animated Film Production, techniques & approaches for the animation stand
  • Advanced Topics: Film Lighting; Film Editing; Film Sound



Digital and analog film production and post-production techniques, observational documentary, and intermedia arts.