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Daily Egyptian

 The Daily Egyptian, or DE, is the student-run newspaper for the SIU community. Having recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2016, it publishes online during all semesters, and prints a weekly edition.

In early 2019, the DE partnered with the Newseum in Washington D.C. to show the front page of the print edition on its national display of publications.

Also in 2019, the Hearst Awards announced former reporter Anna Spoerre won first in Enterprise Reporting, and shortly after that, we learned that the DE brought back 22 awards from the Illinois College Press Association.

Special publications such as the annual Back-To-Campus and Homecoming Editions are distributed throughout the year.

Students work as editors, reporters, photographers, videographers, page designers, graphic artists, advertising sales representatives, production technicians, circulation drivers, website and social media managers. Student editors dictate the content of the news in both realms, collaborating on multimedia stories, web stories and print pieces. Students assign all stories, do all the reporting, editing, photography and design, and make all decisions determining if and when a story will run.

The Daily Egyptian routinely wins awards from the Illinois College Press Association for students' coverage of sports, administration, campus and the community. The DE was also the recipient of the National Newspaper Pacemaker for General Excellence, the nation’s most prestigious award. 

The organization's revenue comes through advertising and a small student fee. The university does not provide any funding for the production of the newspaper, only facilities. All computers, newsprint, supplies and salaries are paid for through advertising revenue.