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The School of Journalism was established as a department in 1947, with Robert A. Steffes serving as acting chair until 1951. Donald R. Grubb succeeded him and served as acting chair from 1951 to 1953. He was succeeded by Howard Rusk Long in 1953. Long served until 1972. While Long was away in Taiwan between 1956 and 1957, James L. C. Ford became the interim chair.  In 1961 the department of journalism was accredited by the American Council on Education for Journalism (ACEJ), and became one of 43 accredited journalism programs in the United States. In 1973 the Department of Journalism became the School of Journalism.

Past and Present Directors:

  • Uche T. Onyebadi, 2014  - 
  • William H. Freivogel, 2006-2014      
  • Jon A. Shidler (acting), 2002
  • Walter Jaehnig Jr., 2002-2006
  •  Donald Jugenheimer, 1996- 2002
  • Dennis Lowry (acting), 1995
  • Walter Jaehnig Jr., 1987-1995
  • W. Manion Rice (acting), 1986-1987
  • Vernon Stone, 1978-1985
  • Joseph Webb (acting), 1977-1978
  • George C. Brown, 1974-1977
  • Bruce W. Rucker, 1972-1974