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Summer camp student takes a photo.Summer camp students visit WSIL TV.Summer camp students take a photo of a duck.Summer camp students interview a residence hall director.

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Sixteen students representing high schools throughout Illinois participated in the 2014 Journalism Summer Camp  to learn about media law, ethics, public policy, website design, techniques for taking still photos and videos, how to conduct interviews,  and writing and editing news stories.

During their visit, the students attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new SIU baseball field, visited WSIL TV in nearby Carterville to see a live broadcast, met with residence hall directors, slept in the dorms, interviewed employees and students on the SIU campus and listened to experts from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute speak about media matters and politics.

The week culminated with a field trip to nearby Giant City Lodge where they met with Barry Locher and Jerry Reppert, members of the Illinois Press Association.

Summer camp students at lunch at Giant City Lodge in Makanda.

Grace Asiegla, from Lynwood, Ill.  said she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  

"The camp went into depth about different aspects of journalism, not strictly limited to writing, which was all I was used to. I especially liked taking pictures," she said.

Another student, Tyler Fedak, of Belleville, Ill. said he particularly liked meeting new people at the camp.

"I enjoyed meeting new people also interested in journalism.  I also like learning about the different aspects of journalism, especially photojournalism," he said.

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