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Did you land on this page by mistake? We all know that these mission statements are big, vague words with little impact on your real life. But we are required to put them here anyway. Let's simplify first.

We really want to teach you to communicate in all forms:

  • writing
  • social media
  • audio
  • video
  • web

We want you to get a great job or advance your education in an awesome graduate school. Gone are the days where newsrooms require employees to specialize on one area. Now you must become a jack or jane of all trades. We are here to help you do that.

If you want to read further, please enjoy this Weird Al video to accompany our official mission statement:

The School of Journalism at SIUC occupies a national leadership role in mass communication education with a comprehensive program combining a broad knowledge of the liberal arts with a detailed understanding of the practice of journalism in modern society.

After completing the University's liberal arts core, undergraduate students learn of the integral connections between the various components of today's mass media in the college-wide courses. They are then taught the specific skills necessary to become professional in advertising/integrated marketing communications, digital communications, new media production, news-editorial, photojournalism, or other communications fields.

Students are further encouraged to develop in-depth knowledge by completing the requirements of a structured minor in a subject outside the College.

The curriculum prepares students for positions of responsibility in advertising and related marketing communications fields, news-editorial journalism, photojournalism, or other fields in which the ability to communicate to a mass audience is essential.

The School of Journalism prepares graduate students for study in mass communication, the social sciences, and the law.

The School also supports faculty growth and development through research and creative activities because quality teaching cannot be achieved without growth in the general body of knowledge.

Finally, the School supports the ideal of service to the School, College, University, professional societies and community as part of its mission.

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