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Courses and Curriculum

Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism

The academic requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in journalism include (1) 6 hours of journalism: JRNL 201 and JRNL 202, (2) 33 hours in journalism coursework at the 300 level or higher and (2) a minimum of 24 hours in junior-senior level course work in the College of Liberal Arts (excluding speech communication courses), the College of Science or other areas approved by the faculty.

Students will also complete a 15-hour minor in an area approved by the School of Journalism. Students who select a minor within the College of Liberal Arts or another approved area may include those hours in their minimum of 24 junior-senior level hours.

The School of Journalism is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC). As a result, there are ACEJMC requirements that must be met. A major must complete a minimum of 80 semester hours outside of journalism and mass communication courses, with a minimum of 65 of those semester hours in liberal arts courses. The student, with the assistance of the journalism academic advisor, should exercise care in course selection to assure that these requirements are met.

Requirements for the B.S. Degree from the School of Journalism

Requirement Credit Hours
University Core Curriculum Requirements 41
Journalism Core Courses 6
Requirements for a Major in Journalism (see specializations (Advertising, New Media Production, News, Photojournalism, Sports Media, or Online Certificate) for details and consult the academic adviser for sequencing recommendations) 33
Minor in non-mass communication field (Speech Communication also excluded) 15
Approved non-journalism electives in upper-level liberal arts (Speech Communication also excluded) 24
Internship and/or electives by advisement 1
Total 120

All Courses

Course ID Credit
Course Title Required for
JRNL 160 3 Mass Communication in Society
JRNL 201 3 Writing Across Platforms
JRNL 202 3 Creativity Across Platforms
JRNL 301 3 Principles of Advertising/IMC Advertising
Sports Media
JRNL 302 3 Copywriting for Advertising/IMC Advertising
Sports Media
JRNL 303 3 Creating Advertising/IMC Messages
JRNL 304 3 Placing Advertising/IMC Messages in the Media Advertising
Sports Media
JRNL 305 3 Direct Response Advertising/IMC
JRNL 306I 3 International Media Systems
JRNL 307 3 Interactive Advertising/IMC
JRNL 310 3 Writing for the Mass Media News Editorial
Sports Media
JRNL 311 3 Reporting and News Writing News Editorial
Sports Media
JRNL 312 3 Editing News Editorial
Sports Media
JRNL 313 3 Basic Photojournalism News Editorial
JRNL 314I 3 American Politics and the Mass Media
JRNL 332 3 Journalism Law New Media Production
News Editorial
Sports Media
JRNL 335 3 Graphic Communication Advertising
New Media Production
News Editorial
Sports Media
JRNL 337 3 Video for Online Journalism News Editorial
New Media Production
JRNL 360 3 Magazine Management and Production
JRNL 396 3 Publishing to the World Wide Web News Editorial
JRNL 400 3 History of Journalism
JRNL 402 3 Advanced Creative Strategies
JRNL 403 3 Media Sales
JRNL 404 3 Advanced Media Strategies and Planning
JRNL 405 3 Introduction to Mass Communication Research Advertising
JRNL 406 3 Advertising/IMC Campaigns Advertising
JRNL 407 3 Social Issues and Advertising/IMC Sports Media
JRNL 409 3 Specialized Topics in Advertising/IMC
JRNL 410 3 Multi-Media Publication Project
JRNL 411 3 Public Policy Reporting
JRNL 412 3 Images and Sound Photojournalism
JRNL 413 3 Advanced Photojournalism Photojournalism
JRNL 414 3 Picture Story and Photographic Essay
JRNL 416 3 Critical and Persuasive Writing
JRNL 417 3 Freelance Feature Writing
JRNL 419 3 Specialized Topics in News Reporting
JRNL 426 3 Online Journalism New Media Production
JRNL 434 3 Media Ethics New Media Production
News Editorial
JRNL 435 3 Advanced Graphic Communication
JRNL 436 3 Multimedia Publication Design New Media Production
JRNL 450 3 Account Planning and Consumer Research
JRNL 481 3 Sports Reporting Sports Media
JRNL 488 3 Sports Communication and Promotion Sports Media
JRNL 490 1-6 (1-3, 1-3, 1-3) Readings
JRNL 494 1-6 Practicum
JRNL 495 1-12 (1-6, 1-6) Proseminar Photojournalism