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Retention Policies

Students majoring in journalism must meet the following requirements to continue their enrollment in the major:

   Students who have completed 26 semester hours or more must have an accumulative SIU grade point average of 2.00 or higher.

   A grade of C or better is required in all journalism courses in order to be counted toward the major or minor and to satisfy prerequisite requirements. Students may enroll for a maximum of two times in any journalism course. Students who repeat a course in an attempt to earn the required letter grade of Cor higher are limited to this two-time enrollment maximum.

   Strong skills in the use of the English language are required to enter the first writing course in the School of Journalism: Journalism 302 or 310. Students may demonstrate proficiency in the use of the English language with an English ACTE subscore of 22 or higher, or by earning a grade of C or higher in English 300. This prerequisite must be successfully completed prior to registration for any course for which the prerequisite is required. Students must pass a grammar test prior to admission to either JRNL 310 or JRNL 302 as well. Information concerning the grammar test is available by contacting the School of Journalism main office.

   Students who are unable to meet retention requirements will be placed in probationary status within the School of Journalism. These students will be given one semester to correct their deficiency prior to dismissal. Those who are dismissed from the School of Journalism but are eligible to continue in the University will be placed in Pre-Major advisement or may request permission to enter another collegiate unit.

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Other Requirements

Enrollment in journalism courses may be canceled for students who do not attend the initial class session of the semester. Fees will be assessed for supplies and materials in some courses. Students should inquire about amounts before registering. Subject to the approval of the School’s director, undergraduate students may receive as many as 9 hours of transfer credit toward journalism course requirements.

Academic Advisement

A student planning to major in Journalism should consult Jack Young the school’s academic advisor as early as possible in order to discuss the degree requirements for the specialization chosen. After admission to the major in journalism, the student will be expected to visit the academic advisor each semester until all major requirements have been completed.

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