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Capturing moments, events, personalities and telling stories through pictures prepare students for a career in photojournalism. But it's not just photography; our students also try their hands at multimedia. Students shoot and edit video and audio pieces that are published in the Daily Egyptian, SIU's student-run newspaper. Students also work with nationally acclaimed photographs during weekend workshops. These workshops offer experiential leaning. Students capture compelling photos, edit, research and tell stories about a selected local community. 

Photojournalism students learn to

  • gather
  • write
  • photograph
  • edit 
  • and share

compelling, award-winning news and feature photos.

Our program remains on the cutting edge by integrating traditional instruction in a digital environment with new media skills in website development, audio and video production.

Graduating students are fully aware of the power of photography, are well grounded in the legal and ethical traditions of the profession and are practically prepared to make a significant contribution to contemporary journalism.

Students take classes in

  • basic and advanced photography
  • news writing
  • media law
  • editing
  • graphic design
  • videotaping

to learn the skills they require in the fast-paced world of photojournalism.


The Photojournalism specialization requires 30 credit hours from the following courses, plus two approved JRNL electives.

Course ID

Credit Hours

Course Title

JRNL 310


Writing for the Mass Media

JRNL 311


Reporting and News Writing

JRNL 313


Basic Photojournalism

JRNL 332


Journalism Law

JRNL 337


Video for Online Journalism

JRNL 412


Images and Sound

JRNL 413


Advanced Photojournalism

JRNL 434


Media Ethics

JRNL 495

1-12 (1-6, 1-6)