The 35th Annual Big Muddy Film Festival Announces Award Winner

Southern Illinois University



35th Annual Big Muddy Film Festival Announces John Michaels Award Winner

January 28, 2013

The 35th Annual Big Muddy Film Festival at Southern Illinois University today announces that the annual John Michaels Award will be given to the documentary features, Around Crab Orchard, by filmmaker Sarah Kanouse. The John Michaels Award is given annual to a film with an urgent message of social, political, or ecological significance.

Shot in Southern Illinois, Around Crab Orchard questions the ideal of natural harmony while meditating on the persistence of history, the creation of knowledge, the limits of representation, and the commonplace of environmental hazard. The film is assembled from documents, found footage, and conversations with activists, writers, and local residents. Around Crab Orchard ultimately argues for forms of storytelling, image-making, and action that respond to the full complexity of the social and ecological landscape.

Around Crab Orchard will screen Friday, Feb 22 at 5:00 pm in the Student Center Auditorium at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.