Lux 2015 Edition to Display Cinema and Photography Student Photos

Southern Illinois University



Lux 2015 Edition to Display Numerous Cinema and Photography Student Photos

April 20, 2015

${image-alt} View larger image. Photo by Aaron Sandage, C&P
Kerry Skarbakka, an Assistant Professor of Photography at Oregon State University, visited our campus and presented his creative work and met with students individually.  He participated in Visiting Assistant Professor Alison Smith's Photo II course as a Guest Critic. As the Lux 2015 juror, Skarbakka selected the Top 3 prize winners and 32 entries for the Lux 2015 fine art photography journal. This year's Lux theme is "Struggle".  All photographic methods and processes were eligible.
This year there were just under 300 entries, represented from colleges in neighboring states, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee.
Of the 32 entries, the following SIU students will be included in Lux 2015
Andrew Calise ( 2 images)
Sarah Gardner ( 1 image)
Ryan Gorey ( 3 images)
Aaron Sandage ( 1 image)
Kayla Winterton ( 1 image)
Kelly Hohmann ( 1 image)
Gene Park (1 image)
The Top 3 Finalists include:
1st Place: Brandon De Sha from St. Louis Florissant Valley Comm College
2nd Place: Aaron Sandage, from SIU 
3rd Place: Amy Fleming from Northern Illinois University