Robert Spahr's Work Gets Special Mention

Southern Illinois University



Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival Gives Robert Spahr Mention

June 23, 2014


The following is from a release by the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (which is sponsored by Ithaca College):

Brannon Dorsey’s Zetamaze was selected for the jury prize; Robert Spahr’s Data Loss Cruft (Corruption), for special mention. Other artists featured in the exhibition include Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell; Ben Grosser; Markus Keim and Beate Hecher; Hye Young Kim and Tohm Judson; Brenda Longfellow, Glen Richards, and Helios Design Labs; and Miyö Van Stenis.

Viral Dissonance is available on the FLEFF website and is curated by Dale Hudson of New York University Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates/United States) with Claudia Costa Pederson of Ithaca College and Wichita State University (United States) and was juried by Eduardo Cachucho (Belgium/South Africa) and Babak Fakhamzadeh (Uganda/Netherlands).

In its 17th annual edition, FLEFF (Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival) situates sustainability and environmentalism within global conversations that embrace political, economic, social, and cultural issues, including labor, health, immigration, intellectual property, trade, and war. Issues related to women’s rights, indigenous rights, human rights, animal rights, and environmental rights are investigated in FLEFF programming that includes concerts, workshops, master classes, performances, and films.

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