Call for Proposal from Artists

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Call for Proposal from Artists

November 05, 2020

CP Fine Art Activity Fee Committee Call for Proposals 

Dear Colleagues, 

CP Fine Art Activity Fee (FAAF) Committee is calling for proposals for visiting artists. While the FAAF visiting artists program had been temporarily paused for a while due to the lack of funds, we are excited to announce that we now have enough funds to re-start the program. We are looking for the following for both current semester and for Spring 21: 

  1. Proposals for national and International visiting artists.
  2. Proposals for regional and local visiting artists.
  3. proposals for monthly media art events on campus/in community.
  4. Proposals for occasional media art events on campus/in community. 

Events can be virtual online, or physical if and when the pandemic improves where safety can be guaranteed. 

The FAAF is part of the department of Cinema & Photography. While other departments have the options to submit their proposals directly to the University Fine Art Committee for funding, we welcome all colleagues and students from MCMA community to submit your proposals for consideration. 

There will be no deadlines for submitting. The proposals can be accepted and considered on an on going basis. If you are interested, please fill in the attached Application and email it to all CP FAAF committee members. 

Thank you and look forward to receiving your proposals.  

CP FAAF Committee

Sarah Lewison-Chair (, Cade Bursell (, Hong Zhou (

CP FAAF Application download