MCMA Students' Recent Success

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MCMA Students' Recent Success

August 05, 2020

I am proud to announce one of our recent alums Blake Parham (RTD ’20) has won a 2020 Mid-America Student Television Award* for Video Essay.  His work is called “Homeless in Chicago” and was produced as part of an independent study with Prof Jan Thompson.  The Mid-America region is composed of central and southern Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas. 

Also, in late June, another of our alums, Amelia Blakely (Journ ’20) was one of four students to win an Illinois News Broadcasters Association scholarship, worth $1775.  Amelia’s work can be heard on WSIU Radio, and she has worked for the Gateway Journalism Review.   

Congratulations to Blake and Amelia!  

HD Motyl, Interim Dean 


*Mid-America  the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences® (the Emmy people).