Teaching, Research, and Service Recognized for Jennida Chase

Southern Illinois University



Teaching, Research, and Service Recognized for Jennida Chase

April 26, 2017

${image-alt} Assistant Professor Jennida Chase

Mass Communication and Media Arts Assistant Professor Jennida Chase won the University Early Career Excellence Award for outstanding teaching, research and service.

Interim Dean Dr. Deborah Tudor expressed the following in her letter to the award committee:

Jennida has developed a teaching approach that appeals to students whose career plans span a wide reach.  The projects she assigns in class provide valuable technical and professional training and rigorous artistic explorations for students. This approach also serves students well, as it gives them broad understanding of media that will expand their understanding of media in society, sustain them in a lifelong career, and help them learn how to push the boundaries of media practice. Her students are getting the best of all possible media education this way.

Another innovation she brought to our students was a recent art exhibit collaboration with Art and Design. She worked with Dr. Laurel Frederickson of Art and Design to develop a joint exhibit from both their classes. MFA students from both disciplines worked together creating a series of art pieces that spoke to each other across mediums, and across disciplinary boundaries, thus enriching both.  The exhibit, Cross-Pollination, was held at Carbondale Community Arts, thus opening up the work to the entire community. You can view video documentation of the work.