Film Fridays are Back at the Varsity Center for the Arts

Southern Illinois University



Film Fridays First Screening for Fall 2013

September 03, 2013

Lost in Familiar Spaces
co-curated by Alexa Nutile and Allie Lee

Ranging from experimental narrative to structural in genre, these films delicately explore feelings of isolation from familial and ecological ties. Daily activities become uncanny and we are relocated to industrial wastelands and fragmented fields. Demonstrated through excessive camera movement, repetition, amorphous imagery, and discontinuity, we become lost in familiar spaces where strange rituals situate us in the perpetual limbo of collective unconsciousness.  

Mountain Home


  • 2010 | 
  •  10 minutes | United States | 16mm | 


  • COLOR/B&W 
Peggy and Fred in Kansas
Leslie Thornton | 1989 | 11 minutes | United States | B&W 
  • Ernie Gehr | 1970 | 
  • 9.5 minutes | United States | 
  • 16mm | B&W
Rosa Barba | 2000 | 21 minutes | Germany / Italy | Color 

Followed by open discussion

Made possible by the SIUC Student Fine Arts Activity Fee

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