Dr. Hochheimer Receives Award

Southern Illinois University



Dr. John Hochheimer Receives Research Award

April 09, 2013


Dr. John L. Hochheimer has been selected as co-recipient of the Southern Illinois University
College of Mass Communication and Media Arts Research Excellence Award for academic
year 2012-2013. During that time he co-edited two books for publication in 2012 --
"Spirituality: New Reflections on Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy" and "Spirituality: Theory,
Praxis and Pedagogy" (both published in Oxford, UK by Inter-Disciplinary Press). He
also published a peer-reviewed journal article "Imagination and the Life Force: Toward a Theoretical Foundation for Spirituality and Communication" in Spirituality of a Personality:  Methodology, Theory and Praxis, which is published in Ukraine. Including two chapters in his edited anthologies, he published five book chapters this past year. He presented six papers at five conferences in Prague, Czech Republic, Marion, Indiana, Glasgow, Scotland, Luhansk, Ukraine, and Piran, Slovenia. He also organized three global conferences one on Spirituality in Prague, and two—one on Spirituality and the other on Hope--in Lisbon, Portugal.

 Professor Hochheimer, who earned his PhD degree in Communication from Stanford University in 1986, joined the MCMA faculty in July 2006. He is also produces and hosts the weekly radio program Rhythm in Bloom airing Saturdays at Midnight and Sundays at 8:00 PM on WSIU Public Broadcasting.