Featured Film: The Island President

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The Island President

April 26, 2013

 Reporters, camera crews, and photographers are invited to cover a freeCommunity Cinema screening and discussion of the film The Island President on Saturday, April 27 at 2:30pm at the Carbondale Public Library, 405 West Main in Carbondale. WSIUand the Carbondale Public Library are co-sponsoring the screening.
Jerry BushDaily Egyptian Advertising Supervisor, and Jack Piatt, a graduate student in Professional Media & Media Management Studies at SIU Carbondale, will share climate change research in a discussion following the film.
The Island President lifts the issue of climate change out of the theoretical and into the personal. During his time as President of the Maldives, a nation of 1,200 low-lying islands threatened by rising sea levels, pro-democracy activist Mohamed Nasheed proved to be an unusually shrewd politician. Nasheed grasped that the only way he could stand up to the catastrophic issues of climate change facing his country was to take his cause to the world stage.NOTE: After the release of this film, President Nasheed resigned under threat of a police and military coup d'état in February 2012.
WSIU and the Carbondale Public Library will continue to host Community Cinemascreenings at the library at 2:30pm on the last Saturday of each month through June.