MCMA's Davis and Tudor in New Issue of Jump Cut.

Southern Illinois University



Jump Cut Features Two MCMA Dr.s' Contributions

November 26, 2013

Adam Davis, who received his Ph.D. from CMCMA's doctoral program, has published Native images: the otherness and affectivity of the digital body  The article examines films that combine live-action and animation, finding that they are usually anchored by human protagonists to whom animated figures play secondary or antagonistic roles. 

In the same issue, CMCMA Associate Dean, Deborah Tudor, is part of a group of cinema scholars invited to participate in a special Jump Cut retrospective section titled the "Lincoln and Ideology Forum", a retrospective on the fortieth anniversary of the Screen (UK)  translation of a landmark Cahiers du cinéma article on John Ford’s 1939 film Young Mr. Lincoln.  Her article The hysteric, the mother, the natural gal: male fantasies and male theories in films about Lincolnreexamines the gendered discourse of the Cahiers article through the lens of subsequent developments in feminist theory.