MCMA Faculty Member Passes

Southern Illinois University



Cindy Nelson Remembered

July 08, 2020


Cindy Nelson, RTD faculty and SIU alumna, passed away on Monday, July 6, after a sudden and intense battle with pneumonia.  She fought hard, but her foe was too strong. 

Earlier this summer, Cindy had decided not to come back next year to teach. She made the decision to leave teaching with a heavy heart because she really loved working with our students so much, and she loved being back at her alma mater. This was a loss for us, but we understood her reasons for making this change:  she saw what was happening in our country in the past few years, and then the eruptions of protests against police violence in the past months, and she wanted to help troubled children before they slid too far into the depths. She wanted to give back to the community where she grew up, and wanted to instill hope and the promise of opportunity in the young people in her community. Unfortunately for those young people, they will not know her smile, her warmth, her fire, her intelligence, and her caring nature. Fortunately, we all did get to experience that, and we are so glad for that.

Keep Cindy in your thoughts, and in your work. She would be honored and thrilled to know that her students are manifesting the lessons she taught them in the classroom and the newsroom into their everyday lives and journalistic work.

Be safe and be healthy, and Saluki love to all!

* * *

Associate Professor and Interim Dean