New Media Center Fall Workshops to Begin

Southern Illinois University



New Media Center Fall Workshops to Begin

October 01, 2014

Fall 2014 Topics in Creative Research Workshops

Sponsored by the MCMA Centers for Global Media Research and New Media

Location: Room 9B – New Media Center

October 10th, 9:00 – noon:

Transmedia: Telling Our Family Stories (Stacy Calvert)

In today’s connected world, artists have a unique opportunity to reach audiences in ways that expand the traditional form of storytelling. In this workshop, you will learn how artists around the world are utilizing new technology to deepen the connections with their audience and learn how you can utilize these tools for your own work. 

October 17th, 9:00am – noon:

Digital Storytelling with FCPX (Mark Stoffel)

Learn how to use Final Cut Pro X in a playful way by creating a short narrative about a topic of your choice. You may bring your own media, e.g. video clips, still images, music, to build your story, otherwise the workshop will provide. No previous knowledge of the application required!

October 24th, 9:00am – noon:

Raspberry Pi, an Open Source Creative Tool (Robert Spahr)

Raspberry Pi is a stripped-down, card-sized, $35.00 computer that runs the free open source operating system Linux. This workshop will serve as an introduction to networking, programming, free/opensource software, and physical computing while demonstrating the creative possibilities of this small computer.

October 31st, 9:00am – noon:

Sustaining Surreal Narratives in non-Linear Editing (Hong Zhou)

Using one of his recent shorts Hong will discuss his experiments on using verbal texts as structural devices to explore non-linear narrative possibilities. Creative editing and its technical aspects will be one of focuses of this compelling workshop.

November 7th, 9:00am – noon:

The ABC's of After Effects (Jordan Devenport)

An introduction to the layout and interface of this Adobe application. The workshop will include fundamentals such as the import of still and video files, the use of layers to create dense images, and basics of working with key frames and preset effects to animate text and other image objects.

November 14th, 11am-2pm

Public Intervention and Creating Media for the Mobile Platform (Jennida Chase)

A workshop designed to address technical and conceptual elements regarding creating public installations and interventions using the mobile platform with a heavy emphasis on video and sound.

November 21st, 9:00am – noon:

Photo Manipulation using Adobe Photoshop (Sara Saito)

Learn the basics of Photoshop while creating magazine-style edits, from blemishes to body-image.