MCMA Senior Orion Hill Attains Platinum Award for Radio Piece

Southern Illinois University



Radio, Television, and Digital Media Senior Receives Award for Original Radio Dramedy

June 17, 2020

 Congratulations to RTD Senior Orion Hill who has earned a Platinum award in the Hear Now Festival for his original radio dramedy "I Didn't Say Nothin’”.  It’s about a pair of mobsters who learn the consequences of talking when they shouldn't.

You can hear this work at the link below, as well as the other Platinum award winners.  And maybe most importantly, you can choose one of the pieces for an audience favorite award.  I’m sure Orion would appreciate your vote.

This piece was created in Prof Jenny Pape's Audio and Podcast Production class.  Orion is in the Radio/Audio specialization of RTD.

Please visit the Hear Now Festival website.