MCMA Photojournalism Students Take Top IPPA Awards

Southern Illinois University



MCMA Students Nab Top IPPA Awards!

April 22, 2013

College of Mass Communication and Media Arts photojournalism students won 18 out of 30 awards at IPPA this year, including student photograph of the year, Jessica Tezak and runner-up student photographer of the year, Steve Matzker. Congratulations to Jessica, Steve and all of the students. Congratulations too to Mark and Phil for their great work. What a terrific year for the photojournalism program, including the NPPA designation as the nation's best program after the Harrisburg book on the tornado disaster.

 Illinois Press Photographer’s Association 2013 Photo Competition


SIU Students - IPPA Awards 


Jessica Tezak - 1st

Jon-Erik Bradford - 2nd

Jessica Tezak - 3rd



Lynnette Oostmeyer - 1st

Steve Matzker - 3rd

Jessica Tezak- Honorable Mention



Jon-Erik Bradford - 2nd


Sports Feature:

Jon-Erik Bradford - 2nd

Lynnette Oostmeyer - 3rd

Jon-Erik Bradford - Honorable Mention


Sports Action:

Chris Zoeller - 1st



Steve Matzker - 1st

Jon-Erik Bradford - 3rd

Jessica- Honorable Mention


Picture Story:

Jessica Tezak - 1st


Student Photographer of the Year:

Jessica Tezak - 1st

Steve Matzker - 2nd

Jon-Erik Bradford - Honorable Mention