New Article Published from Assistant Professor Veenstra

Southern Illinois University



New Article Published from Assistant Professor Veenstra

October 25, 2013

Authors: Mohammad Delwar Hossain and Aaron S. Veenstra (SIU PhD
candidate and Asst. Professor)

Title: "Online maintenance of life domains: Uses of social network
sites during graduate education among the US and international

Published in: Computers in Human Behavior Vol. 29 No. 6 (2013)

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Abstract: Students who pursue graduate degrees often do so under the
burden of great geographic displacement. This study takes a uses and
gratifications approach to examining the usage of Social Networking
Sites (SNS) by both American and international graduate students
studying at an American university. Specifically, it examines how SNS
are used in relationship maintenance with friends and family, news
consumption from one’s home state or country, political expression,
and social and political transition to one’s new home. Our findings
suggest that geographic and physical displacements do not always
influence students in maintaining relationships via social media.