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Mark Carlson

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Radio and Television, 2000

Video Journalist, Associated Press

I am a very fortunate person. My career in journalism has taken me all over the world. It has also given me a chance to live in a foreign country. But the biggest gift journalism has given me is the understanding of human emotion and decision making. 

My name is Mark Carlson and I work as a video journalist for Associated Press based in Brussels, Belgium. I graduated in 2000 from SIUC with a Radio/Television degree from the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts. I grew up in the Illinois towns of St. Joseph, Taylorville and Mahomet. 

The people of SIU gave me the chance to succeed. Three people who had the most influence on my career are Tom Hexamer, Jean Kelley and Dean Joe Foote. Hexamer taught me the value of understanding and taking care of video equipment. Kelley helped me plan my academic schedule while I worked several different jobs. Dean Foote supported me when I wanted new video equipment and helped me with scholarship applications. Without people like them I would not be where I am today. 

Today, I am a happy husband, father and journalist.