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Shoshanna Ezra

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Radio and Television, 1994
Television producer and director
I am originally from suburban Baltimore, Maryland and transferred to SIU because of the top rated Radio and Television program.  In 1994, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio and Television with an emphasis on Programming and Promotion from the School of Mass Communications and Media Arts, with a minor in Marketing.  Within a few years of graduation, I moved out to Los Angeles and, with the help of SIU alums, I landed my first job as the assistant to the Executive Producer on a series of pilot talk shows hosted by Naomi Judd.  From there, I worked for several years on different types of non-fiction shows including an awards show, a police chase show and a show profiling Los Angeles detectives and their cases.  In 2000, I got a job as an Associate Producer on my first “reality” show called Temptation Island 2 (the second season).  This was a competition/dating/house reality show that was one of those that launched the genre. I spent many years after then riding the reality wave of production and worked my way up to Producer and often Director on house reality shows, competition shows, docu-series and the like.  I’ve worked on a bunch of shows that you have never heard of but that earned me a living and gave me skills that I took into future jobs.  The ones that you may have heard of are The Bachelor: RomeThe Amazing Race 4Extreme Makeover (the surgery show, not home edition) and The Great Food Truck Race (4 seasons!).  In the course of these years I had decided to market myself as an international producer, and so was able to produce US television shows in places like London, Rome, Israel, Costa Rica, Portugal and Egypt, to name a few.
In recent years, I have been concentrating more on producing food-centric shows.  Besides 4 seasons of The Great Food Truck Race, I also produced a few Food Network series called Guilty Pleasures and Top Five Restaurants, and even wrote a few episodes for the 2016 airing season of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.  Check out the Okinawa and Bronx episodes!
What I love about producing is that the skills can transfer into so many different genres.  I am currently working at a giant media conglomerate producing extra digital content that will be seen on the web and social media for their network’s programs. 
I am very proud to be a member of the Producer Guild of America since 2002 and to have served on the National Board of Directors from 2006-2012 before terming out.  I also just applied for a way overdue membership to the Television Academy and expect to be a member by the time you read this.
Pre-production to field producing, casting, directing on location, writing and post production, my over 20 year career has been varied and fulfilling.  Here’s to the next 20!