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Larry Glazer

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B.S., Radio and Television, 1968

Semi-retired, consulting stations

and television show producers.

I enrolled at SIU September of 1963.  It seemed a great distance from Chicago, but in a short amount of time, I realized every mile traveled was worth it.  I graduated in August 1967 with a B.S. in Communications, majoring in Radio-TV and minoring in journalism.

Southern Illinois University gave me a firm foundation for a broadcasting career.

Prior to graduation, the R-TV department sent out a brochure to Midwest broadcasters.  The brochure described the graduating senior's skills and accomplishments.  I had several radio job offers.

I accepted a sales position at a Hammond (Indiana) radio station.  They simultaneously hired an Indiana University graduate with similar credentials as mine.  In a very short time, it was evident that I was much better prepared.  I understood and learned the responsibilities quickly. Often the IU grad would ask me "how did you know that?”

My second job was at a major Chicago radio station in a very competitive sales environment.  Not only was I looking to distinguish myself among others on the staff, but competing radio stations were vying for the same advertising sales that I was.  I won several awards at the station and after two years, I was hired by a national radio rep firm, representing 50 stations nationwide, to Chicago and Milwaukee ad agencies.  After 2 years, that company promoted me to their New York offices.  Talk about fierce competition!

After 2 more years in New York, I was hired by a Chicago television national rep firm.  I missed the Midwest and jumped at the opportunity to return.  I worked in various capacities (sales rep, sales manager) for several TV sales firms for the next 30 years, representing ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and independent stations in major, medium and small markets around the U.S.  All the while, my SIU skills came into play.

The final 7 years of my career were spent working for the Chicago PBS station.  I was so proud to work for this prestigious organization and again apply my Saluki skills.

I'm semi-retired now, consulting stations and television show producers. It allows me to continue my broadcast connections at a conducive pace.

I'm grateful for the well-rounded education I received from Southern Illinois University and the terrific guidance received by the R-TV and journalism instructors.  I was fortunate to be a sophomore when the Communications Building opened.  It had a state of the art radio station and television station.  Many of my fellow students also had very successful careers.