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Bill Livek

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Radio and Television, 1976

Executive Vice Chairman and

President, ComScore

Bill Livek is the Executive Vice Chairman and President at ComScore and oversees the day-to-day management of the company and is focused on growing and evolving Rentrak's business as a leading data and information analytics company to becoming a comprehensive knowledge provider to the media and entertainment industries. Mr. Livek brings three decades of experience in media, advertising and market research having worked vertically with major media and advertising agencies in executive positions at companies including Experian Marketing Services and Simmons Research Bureau.

Most recently, Mr. Livek served in a number of roles at Experian including, Co-president of Experian Research Services where he collaborated with customers to design and launch Experian's Addressable Advertising Service, as well as help expand the company's presence in China and Brazil. Previously, Mr. Livek was the co-Chair and Director of Simmons Market Research Bureau where he directed the growth and evolution of the company into a media-neutral, consumer-centric research and data business widely utilized by brands, advertising agencies and media organizations. During his tenure at Simmons Market Research Bureau, Mr. Livek orchestrated the sale of the company to Experian.

Mr. Livek was also co-founder of Transactional Data Solutions (an LLC with MasterCard), and was a principal shareholder in Birch Research and directed the integration of Birch into Scarborough Research where he served as President and CEO, growing the company to serve the top fifty markets. Earlier in his career, Mr. Livek served as Vice President of Sales/Marketing for Arbitron Radio.

Mr. Livek is a frequent presenter at industry conferences including Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), Cable Advertising Bureau (CAB), Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) and ESOMAR Worldwide Research Organization.