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Lisa Jane Morrisette

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B.A., Radio and Television, 1997

WSIU-FM Operations Manager

Lisa Jane Morrisette is a 1997 graduate with a Bachelor of Arts from the Radio and Television program. Originally from Longview, Illinois, Lisa transferred from Parkland Community College in Champaign, Illinois to finish here degree in MCMA here at SIUC. She first volunteered at our NPR affiliate station WSIU FM, and soon worked her way up to student employee, winning recognition as FM Student of the Year and Lee O'Brien Student of the Year.  As a student employee, Lisa was instrumental in the implementation of WSIU FM's first computer automation system, and gained valuable hands-on news, operations and production work at a professional level at WSIU Public Broadcasting, which led to her being hired full-time upon graduation.

Lisa has held several positions over her 19 years, including FM Operations Assistant, Interim Director of S.I.R.I.S. reading service for the blind and print impaired, and is now WSIU FM Operations Manager.  Lisa performs a wide variety of operational, programming and production duties for WSIU Public Broadcasting.

Lisa has a broad musical knowledge, and extensive on-air experience including hosting and producing several genres of music shows over the years, along with extensive experience as an on-air fundraising talent and fundraising producer for the station's annual pledge drives. She has also lent her voice to various WSIU TV elements and productions. Lisa also is the executive producer of the nationally syndicated program 'Celtic Connections'.