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Ron Osgood

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B.S., Radio and Television, major

Cinema and Photography, minor, 1977

M.S. Education (Educational Media),


Professor Emeritus, Department of

Telecommunications, Indiana University

Documentary Filmmaker

I’m from Chicago and a Vietnam veteran. I went to school on the G.I. Bill. Professor Shipley (RTV) was my undergraduate mentor since I was interested in alternatives to broadcasting and he taught cable related courses. Professor Klasek in Education had the most influence on my career. I became the student chairperson of the Student Government Activities Council (SGAC) Video Committee during its second year of operation. I spent a lot of time with this unit as we added to the video guerrilla movement that was sweeping through the U.S. at that time with the advent of portable video equipment. We produced a number of documentaries with the cinema verite style of the time. I never saw myself as a studio person and unfortunately there was not any “ENG” equipment in RTV at the time. My coursework in Cinema using film cameras was my initiation to field production.

After graduation I worked in educational media for several years, including video producer for the University of Iowa. I taught in the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University (IU) from 1987-2011. I was also the Production Facilities Manager. I taught mostly production-related courses with a specialization in documentary.

I was involved with ITVA, the International Television Association (now MCAI) in the 80’s and 90’s, being the 1986 national conference programming chair and national board member 89-92.

Although I retired from my full-time academic work, I still teach for the IU Honors College and am an independent producer. I recently completed a one-year National MediaMaker Fellowship with the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) in San Francisco. Below is the bio I currently use.

Ron Osgood is Professor Emeritus in the Media School at Indiana University and a documentary filmmaker.  His documentary work includes “My Vietnam Your Iraq” an official selection at eight film festivals, broadcast on PBS in 2011 and available on DVD and digital through PBS Home Video. Other documentary projects include: “Climate Change in National Parks,” Emmy-winning "Trouble No More: The Making of a John Mellencamp Album,” “Indiana’s Earthquake Risk” and “Shirts & Skins: The Psychology of Pickup Basketball.”

The second edition of “Visual Storytelling: Videography & Postproduction in the Digital Age” was published in 2013 by Cengage Publishing. Included with the book is a series of online interactive modules.

He is currently working on two projects: a personal documentary using animated hand-drawn art and a transmedia documentary about the Vietnam War as told from the point of view of the former enemies.