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Neeva Pradhan

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School of Journalism, 1982


Being an immigrant from a tiny mountainous country of Nepal, I felt the need to write an immigrant perspective and therefore the name "The Best of Both Worlds" -A Pioneer's Perspective in Straddling East and West.  It highlights the great benefits that a new culture offers while the challenge is to keep our roots and connections with our origin.  I have referenced SIU-C as my early college days experience and how I learned to settle into a new culture.  I wrote with an objective to help (in my small humble way) both the international as well as the American students to have a better perspective and awareness of each other’s cultures and challenges.  While there is no right and wrong answer, it is only my own experience that I have tried to share with few anecdotes and examples.  

 More details in the press:

       Neeva Mathema Pradhan is the President of the Daya Foundation (, an organization dedicated to the spread of education and health among disadvantaged communities and the promotion of traditional and modern cultures among Nepalese youth. She was the Vice President of Lending and Marketing for a Federal Credit Union in the D.C. metro area. She is a practitioner and volunteer with the Art of Living Foundation (AOLF) and the International Association for Human Values (IAHV). She regularly conducts stress management and corporate workshops in the USA and Nepal.

The parents of two sons, Neeva and her husband now share their time between Washington, D.C. and Kathmandu, Nepal.

As an author, Neeva launches The Best of Both Worlds: The Best of Both Worlds is a personal journey, but it is also the journey of thousands of people who come to America seeking freedom and opportunity. It is an introduction to and adoption of American Culture. Like the countless people who have made and are still making the journey to America, this book details the challenges of holding on to one’s roots while adapting to enjoying life in a new culture. This book is about bridging the gap between two starkly different cultures. It is a journey from east to west, bringing along a host of cultural treasures and experiences to a foreign land in the west, only to produce a hybrid. The art of balancing the two cultures and to capture the best of both worlds continues to be an enigma and an adventure.